Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. Since my message on Friday was all about “bad fat,” I thought I’d focus today on one of the “good fats.”

Coconut Oil contains fats that the body can burn off quickly for an instant burst of energy, and also boost your immune system. Many people have switched to cooking with it recently, but there are many other ways coconut oil can be infused into your diet, it’s super versatile.

Firstly, before you do anything else, check out these 9 important reasons why you should be using coconut oil…

Coconut Oil isn’t just used in cooking, it’s used in bulletproof coffee, spread on toast, in a supercharged smoothie, as a butter substitute in baking, in a stir fry, in your own raw chocolate bars and much more.

And the great thing is it’s actually helping to give you MORE energy and to DROP pounds faster.

Here are the top 9 reasons why you should be using coconut oil (very interesting)…

Take care and have a wonderful week ahead.

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