Farmers Markets: The Why, Where, & How to Shop Them

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t grow up going to Farmer’s Markets. I hardly knew what a vegetable was until I was 18, and it was still a few years after that I realized beans don’t naturally come in a can.

So, getting used to shopping Farmer’s Markets took a little adjusting, but it is now absolutely one of my favorite activities. I love the Union Square Greenmarket early on a Saturday morning before most people are awake, and always make it a point to stop at a few farm stands when I head out east to the Hamptons. Coconut Grove in Miami is another favorite, and I am heading to California next week partly for business, partly for pleasure, and partly because I am dying for farm fresh figs and cherries, and hoping that persimmons come into season early while I’m there.

Source: A Guide To Farmer’s Markets – Maria Marlowe

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