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Every Day Roots Guide

Imagine that your body is one big sponge. And, picture everything that comes into contact with it being like a hazardous liquid. Your body soaks it up, takes it in through every pore and absorbs it into every cell. Once it’s in your blood stream, it’s circulated around your body. It’s deposited into your organs. It’s left to fester in your heart, your lungs and your brain. From there it sits, waiting for the next set of hazardous liquids to be deposited. And, when they are, your cells get bigger and bigger as they are holding so much fluid. Fluid that is destroying you. Fluid that makes you sick. Fluid that makes you so achy and tired you wonder if you can make it through the day. Not only has the fluid made itself at home, it also attracts other bad things, like diseases, viruses and bacteria. It creates a nice warm, comfy and cozy home for them. It invites them in and makes them want to stay. Then they too grow. Before you know it, your body is so full of hazardous liquid and diseased cells that you can barely function at all.

Think this is some scene from a science fiction movie? Not at all. It’s actually what goes on day in and day out with your body. Your pores and cells take in everything that they come in contact with – good, bad and indifferent. That’s why it is SO important to be mindful of the things your body is exposed to. Any toxins that are in your environment can be easily taken in by your body, where they are absorbed and spread from cell to cell, blood vessel to blood vessel, and organ to organ.

While you can’t always control your surroundings or the amount of hazardous materials they contain, there ARE things you can do to limit your exposure to toxic materials. Things that are so simple and easy you may find yourself hitting your palm against your forehead wondering why you didn’t think of these things before. If you didn’t, don’t beat yourself up because you can think about them now. And I hope you do.

Here are five simple steps you can take today and every day that will keep your cells healthy, strong and free from hazardous waste:

  • Read food labels.

Have you ever taken the time to look at the ingredient labels on the foods you feed yourself and your family? If not, I recommend you do. In fact, you can do it right now. I’ll wait…

Go open the fridge or cupboard door, pull out an item that you normally eat without a thought, and look at the label to see what ingredients are in it. Are there any things you don’t recognize? How about substances you can’t even pronounce? Chances are good that there are. And, sadly, you’ve probably eaten that particular food so many times you can’t count, each time taking in all of those unnatural and potentially harmful ingredients. While it may be unrealistic to think that you’ll never eat something that has an unnatural substance in it, you can cut down dramatically by trying to choose foods as close to their natural state as possible. Think about eating mainly lean proteins like fish and chicken, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and complex carbohydrates such as oatmeal and barley. The smaller the list of ingredients in the food, the fewer potentially harmful substances you’re putting in your body.

  1. Buy organic foods.

Some of the food you buy in the grocery store isn’t as healthy as it seems. Fruits are sprayed with pesticides to keep the bugs away during the growth process, and animals are fed hormones to produce more meat. To avoid the chemicals that you can’t always see, try to stick to organic food. These are foods that are raised or grown without being exposed to harmful substances. Remember that whatever is in that food is going to be deposited directly into your system.

  1. Clean your food.

Have you ever seen anyone get an apple home from the supermarket and just pick it up and eat it without washing it? While apples certainly offer a lot of health benefits, imagine how many things are on that peel that you probably really don’t want to put in your body. Even if it was grown organically, it was probably touched by someone at the facility that grew it. Then there is the apple delivery guy who took it to the supermarket. There it was handled by the grocer who put it in the bin, which may or may not be clean. And, you can’t leave out the other 20 shoppers who picked that same apple up and put it back down when they decided not to buy it. That’s why it is so important to clean your food. You never know where it has been.

  1. Pay attention to the lotions and soaps you use.

Just as foods that you eat get into your system, so do the lotions and soaps you put on your skin. Think about it; when you put on lotion, where does it go? It soaks in, right? Well, so do all the scents and chemicals it contains. Use all-natural lotions and soaps instead to save yourself from taking in these toxic substances.

  1. Watch your use of cleaners.

If you’re the person who cleans without gloves, then this is for you. Every horrible chemical that removes stains and grease is soaking into your pores when you expose it to your skin. That means that all those tough cleaning disinfectants are being taken in by your body, where the substances are damaging your cells and opening the door to other toxins. Ideally, you want to use cleaners that are made with all-natural products. But, at a minimum, at least take the time to throw on some gloves.

I hope this information was of use to you and helps you live a longer, healthier life. If you want to beat toxins once and for all in a way that will have you shedding pounds, fighting cellulite, and give you healthier skin for life, you’ll like the results that come from using a full anti-toxin guide.

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