Here’s a nice food fantasy for the middle of the week. If you know me, then you know that my favorite cuisine to cook is Italian food. In fact, one of my best recipes is Lasagna. Since this dish is so near and dear to my heart, I wanted to share some tips with you to make it a healthier choice for that special dinner.

Unfortunately, Lasagna tends to get labeled as off-limits on most healthy eating plans. A small slice of typical lasagna can easily run you well over 500 calories, if not more, which is simply too high for Most people to be taking in if they are on a Reduced-intake plan. Fortunately, this pasta dish can be dramatically improved if you make a few smart ingredient substitutions. We’re talking delicious homemade lasagna with lower calories, reduced saturated fat content, and a large amount of Quality protein.

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Let’s look over what wise changes we’re talking about so you can give your favorite lasagna recipe a complete Make-over.

  • Go With Ground Turkey Rather Than Ground Beef

The very first change that you should make when preparing Lasagna is to replace the ground beef with ground turkey. Ground turkey is a far leaner choice than Ground beef, even if you purchase the leanest of all ground beef varieties. In addition to this, ground turkey will provide more Protein for the calories that you consume, making the dish that much healthier overall. Since protein is the nutrient that helps you get thin while retaining lean muscle mass, it’s an important one to be taking in.

  • Prepare Your Own Tomato Sauce

Making sauce from scratch will ensure that you aren’t getting any unnecessary added ingredients you don’t want. While you can purchase natural tomato sauce Varieties, most do have a lot of added sodium, sugar or both. Prepare your own with tomatoes along with fresh herbs and Spices, and you will fare much better, in taste as well as nutrition.

  • Opt for a Light Sprinkling of Low-Fat Cheese

The next important point to keep in mind is that you should swap fatty mozzarella and Parmesan for reduced-fat Cheeses. Cheese is what really sets lasagna over the top In terms of the calories it contains and the damage it will do to your diet so you want to pay plenty of Attention here. Low-fat cheese is a great source of protein as well as Calcium, so unlike the full-fat varieties, it will help you keep your diet on track. When using cheese in any dish, also make sure to use a Light hand to keep your calorie level in check. A Flavorful cheese like Parmesan or Romano will add a lot to a dish with just a little sprinkle. Just be sure to check the label for sodium content when you buy cheese. Keep in mind that manufacturers tend to add lots of salt, especially to low-fat cheeses to give you the illusion of added flavor. So, be prepared for a trade-off between fat content and sodium levels.

  • Consider Cottage Cheese

Another option to lighten up the heavy cheese is adding some cottage cheese. Many people enjoy doing this – Especially if they already love cottage cheese – because it will provide plenty of cheesy flavor but really cut back on the fat content. Cottage cheese is a very good source of high-quality Casein protein, the slowest digesting variety, so it will help give this meal more staying power as well. Besides cottage cheese, try a combination of cheese varieties so that you still maintain the classic lasagna flavors.

  • Add Some Diced Vegetables

Normal lasagna typically doesn’t come with any vegetables, but there’s no reason not to add some yourself. However, avoid overloading this dish with vegetables as it may not bake up properly if you do, but you can definitely add in some finely diced peppers, mushrooms, carrots and onions – Whatever vegetables you prefer. Some people also really like adding broccoli or spinach into the dish to help get some extra greens into the meal. And since you’re making your own sauce, you can add vegetables in there as well.

  • Use alternative Noodles

Finally, if you’re hoping to use a lower carb approach to your diet plan, lasagna noodles will likely be out of the Picture. Not to worry, however, as these can easily be replaced. Rather than using the high-carb, high-calorie pasta, Consider zucchini ribbons instead. These are very low in calories, higher in total Nutritional content, and will also provide some fiber. Thinly slice zucchini length-wise into long strips before Preparing the dish, brush them with a bit of olive oil, And then bake them for 20 minutes on a cookie sheet at 425F (220C). Once they’re crispy, then layer them with the other ingredients as you would normally use lasagna Noodles. If you still crave a more traditional noodle, look for low-carb and gluten-free options when you’re shopping for the ingredients.

So there you have some fast and simple ways to transform your lasagna dish so it’s healthier and much more appropriate for your diet plan. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be lackluster and keep you from your favorite meals as long as you are willing to get A little creative. We will add my “not-so-secret” recipe for Turkey and Mushroom Lasagna to the blog for you very soon as well.

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Have a beautiful day today!

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