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Have you ever held a tiny little blueberry in your hand and just knew it was the key to your health and wellness?

Don’t worry; most people haven’t.

Although you wouldn’t think one small berry the size of a pea could make much of a difference in your health, it really can. In fact, it’s packed with so many health benefits that you’ll wonder how they all fit.

They strengthen your immunity. Blueberries contain antioxidants such as anthocyanin, zinc, iron, and vitamins B and C. All of these work together to build up the strength of your immune system.

Blueberries also contain copper, which functions as an antibacterial. This keeps colds and flus away so you don’t find yourself laid up in bed, blowing your nose and coughing uncontrollably.

They fight free radicals. When you have free radicals in your body, it promotes the growth of disease and the progression of aging.

The anthocyanin in blueberries (which is where their color comes from) helps neutralize this process and makes the free radicals ineffective.

The end result is that you are less likely to develop a horrible disease, and you will age more gracefully.

Blueberries help lower the amount of fat in your tummy region. Belly fat is the most dangerous fat you can have on your body so the fact that blueberries have been linked to lowering it is great news.

One study conducted by the University of Michigan found that rats with blueberry-enriched powder in their diets had less belly fat, reduced cholesterol and healthier blood sugar than the rats that didn’t have blueberries in their food.

Of course, you could argue that these are rats and not humans, but it is definitely a step in the right direction and could prove to be extremely helpful to people who need to lose weight in this particular area.

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Blueberries improve the health of your urinary tract. Remember that blueberries have a compound that is antibacterial. Well, this particular compound helps protect your urinary tract from getting painful infections.

They protect your vision. The anthocyanosides in blueberries work to slow and stop eye issues such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

Blueberries also contain vitamin A, carotenoids and flavonoids that have all been proven to benefit your eyesight both now and as you age.

They reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease as well. All of the vitamins and nutrients that are in blueberries, such as the anthocyanin, phosphorus, magnesium and copper, help keep your nervous system intact and healthy.

This means that they protect your brain cells, giving you fewer memory-related issues and a higher learning capacity, which essentially greatly lessens your risk of Alzheimer’s.

Blueberries lower your risk of heart disease. Because they’re high in fiber, heavy in antioxidants and keep cholesterol in check, they are very good for your heart and the rest of your circulatory system.

They keep your digestive system running efficiently. Do you ever experience constipation? If you do, blueberries may be just the thing you need to bring you some relief as their high fiber content helps push the solid waste through your intestines.

Of course you’ll need to eat more than just one or two blueberries to achieve this benefit. You’ll probably need a cup or so to get a healthy dose of fiber in your diet.

Blueberries aid in cancer prevention AND cure. There have been studies done that show that colon cancer and ovarian cancer risks are reduced in people who eat blueberries. It’s the phenolic compounds and luteolin in blueberries that appear to work this type of magic.

Yes, it is hard to imagine that one small fruit could be so powerful, but blueberries contain MANY nutrients that will keep your insides healthy and strong.

So, how can you add these little miracle fruits to your diet? Of course you could take the simple route and just eat them plain.

But, you can also put them on top of your cereal or in your Greek yogurt for a breakfast that not only tastes good and fills you up, but starts your day with the best health possible.

You can also scatter them on top of salads. Add some strawberry and mandarin orange slices to your leafy meal with some low-fat sesame dressing, and you’ll have a salad
That satisfies both your sweet AND sour taste buds.

If you drink protein shakes, throw them in the blender along with the milk and protein mix. Not only will you feed your muscles so they grow big and strong, but you’ll protect your whole body in the process.

Try to add some blueberries to your diet, and enjoy their many great health benefits!

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In case you missed it, my Five Fruit Smoothie recipe is attached. Try adding extra blueberries when you make it. Enjoy.

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