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Are you gaining muscle, but not losing inches?

  • Do you wish there was something – anything – that could help you lose excess body fat and lean down?
  • Do you refuse to give into another fad diet that only delivers empty promises it can’t possibly fulfill?
  • Have you decided that you’ll no longer buy appetite suppressants or other potentially dangerous diet pills?
  • Are you sick and tired of going on one after another whacky diet plan that is way beyond your code of ethical fitness behavior?

So, what’s left to try? How can you accelerate your workouts while surpassing all expectations?

The answer is… Eat good carbs and good sources of fat before your workout, and be sure to get plenty of lean protein after it to achieve maximum results. Many people make the same mistake over and over again: They skip breakfast, only to find out that their morning workout leaves them feeling exhausted and depleted, not energized and raring to take on the rest of the day. It’s either that or they don’t eat anything at all until after a few hours have passed since they worked out, leaving them famished by lunch. Do you suffer from starvation after lifting weights or taking your morning jog? If you’re not fueling up with good carbs before your workout, and lean protein following it, you’re hurting your progress. If you skip eating, you’re undoing the hard work you’ve just struggled through in the weight room or on the treadmill. Eat Before Your Workout to Lose Weight Don’t you dare skip your pre-workout breakfast. If you do, expect a major crash as you reach your third mile on the elliptical.

When it comes to balancing food intake with working out, many people make the catastrophic mistake of thinking that less is better. But just consider the alternative: If you eat healthfully, and load up on good carbs – such as fresh fruit and yogurt, or a glass of low-fat milk with oatmeal – you’re giving your body just what it needs to press through a workout – energy that lasts! When you don’t eat something nutritious before heading to the gym or jogging a few laps around the neighborhood, what you’re really doing is training your body to starve. And when you go into starvation mode, you’re likely to over-indulge at midnight. It’s a nasty cycle, one that has the power to sabotage all of your weight-loss efforts.

Burn calories in the morning with a sensible exercise plan (studies have shown that those who work out with a morning routine are more likely to stick with daily exercise) and healthy eating habits, and you’ll have enough focus, energy and strength to keep your healthy lifestyle going day after day. Don’t go light on your pre-workout meal. Make sure that whatever you’re eating is full of fiber, lean protein and good carbs. Skip the bagel loaded with cream cheese, and toss the donuts in the trash. You don’t need sugar, and you don’t need trans-fat. But, what you do need is a commitment to whole grains, fruits, vegetables and fiber that will allow you to take your workout to a whole new level. Fuel yourself up with good carbs, and have the necessary fuel to pump, jump, squat and lift your body to good health, longevity and confidence that will last for a lifetime.

Load Up on Lean protein Before the Sweat Cools There’s one rule about your post-workout meal: Replenish your body with a sensible combination of food groups, and ease your achy muscles, worn-out joints and exhausted energy level. If you’re tired after a workout, you’ve accomplished your fitness goal. You’ve sweated, moaned and groaned in order to slim down and tone up. And if this is the case, you need lean protein – and lots of it! Within half an hour after your workout is complete, go straight to the fridge and eat something high in lean protein, moderate in fat and high in good carbs. Slice some boneless, skinless chicken or turkey, add some broccoli, green beans and kale into the mix and eat a 400-500 calorie plate of lean protein goodness. Drink a glass of chocolate milk. Or slice up a banana to top some Greek yogurt. Your body is craving calcium, potassium, iron, and vitamins A, C and E. Eat half of a turkey sandwich with tomatoes, romaine lettuce and avocado, or grab a handful of unsalted nuts.

There are plenty of options to eating right before and after your workout. As you commit yourself to a consistent exercise program, commit yourself to proper eating before and after each workout as well.

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